Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lean as a sales tool

Lean and 5S are a fantastic sales tool.
Just from looking, you can tell things flow the way they should. Everything from tools to supplies to bay areas are clearly marked. The floor is marked with yellow, red and green tape signifying different stages of repair. There is no mistaking – this is indeed what facilities of the future will look like.

 Could the reviewer be more glowing in their description.  This is an industry writer and they are obviously impressed.
Quick lanes for one hour bumper repair and other assorted sundry do not tie up the main production line. These types of repair have their own lanes. They are, as Ken calls them, "tributaries within a major river, never interrupting the all important and omnipresent flow."
If shorter lead times, lower costs and better quality are not reasons enough to go lean.  Is impressed customers the ultimate reason ?

Rest of the article is here .  And if you haven't been to a Concours Collision body shop, they are impressive.  If you don't believe what a body shop could (I really mean should) look like take a look at Concours flickr stream 

Congratulations Ken on opening the new shop.

Monday, June 4, 2012

If you ever got good

If you ever got good you'd be mediocre. --James Thurber 

It's true and there is only one cure and that is continuous improvement.  Now I am off to do a little continuous improvement on the 5S and 7 wastes training session I am doing this afternoon.